Conference interpreter for Jeremy Irons during the 3rd Edition of the Barcelona Film Fest

The hall of the Verdi Cinema where the latest film by Jeremy Irons, The Prado Museum: a collection of wonders, is about to be released, is comletely packed. Conchita Casanovas, the director of the festival, is coming to present it.

The idea is that for five or ten minutes he will summarise his professional career and then the audience will welcome him with a round of applause. So I get ready, in the hall of the cinema, to translate Conchita’s presentation exclusively for the British gentleman.

But Jeremy Irons is never alone. He is accompanied by an army of sponsors, organisers, volunteers… who talk to each other, making my work practically impossible. In the face of the growing buzz of all the people around Jeremy Irons, someone from inside the room decides to close the curtains that separate that hall from the viewing room, in order to muffle the conversations.

“Now it’s impossible to hear anything at all”, I tell Jeremy Irons. I apologise and he, with that naturalness and elegance, without giving it the slightest importance, replies: “I know absolutely everything about me. Just tell me something about you now!”

Luckily, the rest of the days and interventions pass without the slightest incident! But what a beautiful way to solve the problem, right?






Hotel Arts, Barcelona, Rueda de prensa


Cine Verdi, Coloquio sobre “Peterloo”

Conference interpreter during the international conference of Telefonica executiva managers

Universitas Telefónica is committed to training the employees of Telefónica and other companies, turning them into Digital Transforming Leaders, which will allow them to take on the challenges of the digital revolution in which we live.

Universitas counts on a wonderful space that allows them to disconnect entirely from their daily lives and focus 100% on their mission during their stay on campus.

The leaders of the future must understand how technology impacts exponentially on the customer, the business and the societies where we are present; they must drive the transformation and know how to make the most of a world of infinite possibilities.

As Mark Freer said in his motivational talk:

If you are not excited about it, it’s not the right path.

Abraham Hicks



Conference interpreter during the Symposium on Alternating Hemiplegia Syndrome

Alternating Hemiplegia (HA) is a very rare neurological disorder that affects 1 in a million people. To date, there is no treatment to cure it.

However, in 2012 the ATP1A3 gene was identified as the main cause of HA and currently accounts for 76% of affected cases.

The Spanish Association of Alternating Hemiplegia Syndrome (AESHA) is a non-profit association made up of families with children affected by Alternating Hemiplegia and a scientific committee based at the Hospital Sant Joan de Déu in Barcelona.

Each one of the member families strives to disseminate information about HA and to raise funds to finance international research dedicated to the development of effective treatments and, ultimately, to find a cure.

They also offer support to families and children with HA and participate in international research projects.




Conference interpreter at the Peace Palace in The Hague

On 6, 7 and 8 February The Hague, in the incomparable setting of its Peace Palace, held a series of conferences to mark 2019 as the year dedicated to justice, contributing to the mobilisation and commitment to the fulfilment of SDG´s 16.3.

This will culminate in the High Level Political Forum in July and the SDG´s Summit in September, which will review progress towards SDG 16 and Agenda 2030.

The forum held this week in The Hague has discussed the opportunities and challenges in achieving the goal of justice for all, as well as strategies to accelerate access to justice at national and international level.

The forum was opened by Sigrid Kaag, Minister of Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation of the Netherlands, co-hosted with the Ministers of Justice of Argentina and Sierra Leone and the group formed by The Elders.

150 experts, mainly those who have contributed to the Working Group on Justice over the course of a whole year, met to discuss and strengthen the recommendations needed to access greater justice and the way forward.


Conference interpreter during the Operación Triunfo Christmas Gala 2018

The Christmas Gala by Operación Triunfo had a very special guest, the French singer Zaz, considered in France the new Edith Piaf.

Zaz (Isabelle Geffroy) has the spark, the joy, the rhythm and the desire to live of a young artist with a meteoric musical career. Zaz leaves no one indifferent. During the gala, she gave a wink to the second place, sharing with her a beautiful and catchy song in which she gives up on all material things in favour of a life of love, joy, humour, freedom and absence of cliches.

So much energy, so many young people together showing talent and a desire live to the fullest!

Conference interpreter during the presentation by Alistair Woodwards on climate change and health

According to Alistair Woodward, Head of Epidemiology at the University of Auckland, the rise in greenhouse gases already has serious health consequences.

This expert in public health and climate change visited Barcelona invited by the Catalunya Europa Foundation and BBVA. On the one hand, there are the direct effects, as a consequence of heat waves or floods, and of those natural systems that spread contagious diseases more easily in high temperatures. We also find, indirectly, social disturbances, such as migratory movements caused by droughts.

Finally, we have the effects of our actions to reduce climate change. And also the effects of our actions to reduce climate change. Right now the challenge is to find good policies for both the climate and health.


Conference interpreter during the 7th Conference on Historical Railway Heritage

On 24 October, at the Café del Mar in Mataró, on the occasion of the 7th Conference on Historical Railway Heritage, Mr. Richard Gibbon, a registered mechanical engineer, member of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers and former Head of Engineering at the National Railway Museum in New York, gave a master class on the technical and economic evaluation of the first locomotives of the Barcelona-Mataró Railway, which was the first line of the Iberian Peninsula Railway.

I leave you a brief review in case you want to know more!


(Español) Intérprete de conferencia durante la presentación sobre Diálogo Abierto del Profesor Jaako Seikkula

More than thirty years ago, in remote Western Lapland, a psychotherapist and professor of psychotherapy named Jaakko Seikkula initiated, together with psychiatrist Birgitta Alakare and other colleagues, a small revolution in the approach to severe mental disorders.  Now, slowly but surely, it seems to be spreading to the rest of Europe and taking root in the Far East and America.

They called it Open Dialogue, a name that illustrates quite accurately what Seikkula and his colleagues intended; to abandon the traditional bilateralism of psychiatric treatment in order to involve not only patients and professionals but also their environment. And dialogue, of course. Dialogue on the options of the main interested party, the patient, on their concerns, on their decisions. A support network that is essential in situations of special vulnerability to which, as Seikkula himself warns, we can all be exposed at any time in our lives.Professor Seikkula was in Barcelona on 20 October as a speaker at the 1st International Conference of the New Psychiatry Association, and it was a pleasure to listen to him and translate.