The services we offer:

On-site interpreting 

Simultaneous interpretation: The interpreters sit in sound-proof booths with a direct view of the conference room and listen to the speeches of the speakers through headsets, conveying their message in real time for the listeners, who in turn listen through receivers. This interpretation system requires technical equipment.

Consecutive interpretation: The interpreter is seated next to the speaker and takes notes of the presentation or speech. Once the person has finished, the interpreter reproduces the speech in the target language.This technique is appropriate for relatively brief speeches, such as training courses, negotiations, protocol speeches, press conferences and interviews. It does not require technical equipment.

Whispered interpretation: The interpreter is positioned next to the listeners and simultaneously whispers the different messages or speeches to the listener in the target language.

“Interpret-as-you-walk”: Used when interpreters use portable interpreting equipment to accompany clients on factory visits for example.

On-line interpreting

Accredited by different remote interpretation platforms: Zoom, Zipdx, Interprefy, Kudo

Extensive experience in medical interpretation through Zipdx with the sponsorship of pharmaceutical laboratories