By way of introduction

Silvia Palá Intérpretes has more than 30 years’ experience in advising a wide range of clients so that you can count on the best interpreting teams for your event, not only providing the interpreters you need to ensure smooth communication, but also coordinating all the technical aspects that will make your meeting a success.

We make your needs our own and attend to them with as much care as if it were a personal project.

Entries in this blog do not reveal any confidential information, it is public information or information to which the person/company involved has given their consent. We are not a large multinational.

We are not a big multinational. We are your corner grocery store.

Some of the questions we are frequently asked:

This is a hybrid event, some speakers will be in the room and others will be online to give their presentation. IS THIS POSSIBLE? YES

There is not enough space to set up the booth, but we need interpretation. IS IT POSSIBLE? YES

The booth is not in the same room as the event, IS IT POSSIBLE?

The speaker does not stay for the whole event, but leaves after delivering his lecture. We would like to adjust the budget, IS THIS POSSIBLE? YES

I do not understand why we need two interpreters if there will only be one speaker. I would like someone to explain this to me. IS IT POSSIBLE? YES

We have never organised a remote meeting. We don’t know where to start. IS IT POSSIBLE? YES

We don’t yet know the number of attendees who will need interpretation. We’d like to finalise it a few days before the event. IS IT POSSIBLE? YES