Conference interpreter during the presentation of Eric Besnier’s film ‘Las cosas sencillas’.

Las cosas sencillas tells the story of Vincent, a stressed and busy businessman, who one day breaks down in the middle of a mountain road. Pierre, a lonely country man, stops and offers to help him. This apparently insignificant encounter will be a turning point in their lives.

It will be the beginning of a friendship in which they will discover, as the title points out and the prologue of the film insists, that they compare the overflow of modern life with the relaxing landscapes of nature, what are the important things in life. Despite their opposing views of life and their opposing temperaments.

As the director states, we all live in a continuous tension between the current pace that engulfs us with its day-to-day life and the idealisation of the contemplative and tranquil life. And in the middle ground, as always, lies the virtue. Not forgetting, of course, the fundamental question: Are we happy?



Conference interpreter during the session in the Congress of Deputies

Since September 2023, as announced by the President of the Congress of Deputies, Francina Armengol, during her first speech minutes after being elected, the Congress of Deputies has been offering an interpretation and transcription service for the co-official languages, for cases in which parliamentarians express themselves in Catalan, Galician or Esukera.

In this regard, we have been able to contribute to the current team of congressional interpreters on two days, the first during the Science, Innovation and Universities Committee held on the 19th of March and the second during the Constitutional Committee during the Appearance of the Minister of Territorial Policy and Democratic Memory, held on the 20th  of March, as well as the respective replies of the parliamentarians.

It was a pleasure to be part of this experience for the first time and we look forward to many more occasions!