Conference interpreter during the interviews between Woody Allen and the media in San Sebastian

Woody Allen has just finished shooting his fifty-first film in San Sebastian. It stars Christoph Waltz and Elena Anaya. It is a romantic comedy in the purest Woody Allen style, during which she has an affair with a brilliant French film director. And he falls in love with a beautiful Spanish woman living in the city. The city is San Sebastian and has reacted with general enthusiasm, the same that the director expresses for the city that welcomes him.




One more film to add to his filmography, at a rate of one per year since 1969. What a privileged mind! But when asked about it, he does not give it any importance: “If a painter is asked to paint a picture, even if it involves some effort, he will do it and it is not the same as if I was asked to do it. Something similar happens to me with my films”.


On the other hand, next October, Acontracorriente Films will be premiering “A Rainy Day in New York”, a romantic comedy about two university lovers who spend a special weekend in New York and the problems in which they both get involved.


Woody Allen listens, reflects and answers. In short, he makes my job easy!. And I leave happy, satisfied. What a great opportunity to talk to him. To identify his look of amazement above the frame of his glasses. Recognising his high-pitched voice. And to confirm the impression of an endearing,  close character. And with that fine sense of humour: “What do I think about death? I am still totally against it!