On-line interpreting during the Seminar on digitalization in a post-Covid world

It’s true that Zoom works wonders. And it’s true that it allows us to keep working thanks to the simultaneous translation functionality.

However, nothing replaces the information provided by your colleague’s eye contact, being able to follow his/her speech, continuing to help him/her with numbers and acronyms, as well as all the information provided by his/her body expression.

At Trayson we were able to check this out a couple of weeks ago thanks to the care and attention that went into preparing our interpreting booths, with the corresponding separations inside, the ethernet cable for each computer, the charger for mobile phone and/or laptop inside the booth, the disinfectant gel in individual dispensers for each interpreter…

All taken care of to the utmost detail. A place where I felt at home with the advantages of flawless technical supervision.



On-line interpreting during the Webinar on Multiple Sclerosis and Pregnancy

We have started a series of medical webinars on multiple sclerosis and pregnancy.

Multiple sclerosis is a common neurodegenerative disease in young patients of reproductive age; pregnancy has always been controversial, given the need for pharmacological management, the risk of relapse and the resulting disability.

This series of webinars on multiple sclerosis and pregnancy aims to shed light on the prospects of these patients who wish to start a family and to solve the doubts of many specialists who wish to offer them the best solutions within their reach.