Conference interpreter during the debate ‘’Being a woman in Afghanistan‘’.

The Sala Francesc Tarafa is located in a building on Carrer Corró in Granollers.

It housed the old medieval hospital of Santo Domingo, with a Gothic structure, built by Bertran de Seva between the 14th and 15th centuries. It was inaugurated by King Alfonso XII and provided health services until 1844.

The current building conserves the Gothic structure of the old hospital, a rectangular space covered with wooden beams and two stone arches that support the gable roof.

In 1926 it was remodelled by Joaquim Cepillo, who converted it into a library, decorating the interior with plant motifs and modernist stained glass windows. At the back of the nave there is a space covered with a pointed vault, which was recovered during the refurbishment. It also conserves the stone doorway with a semicircular arch.