Conference interpreter during the preview of Hors normes, with Olivier Nakache and Éric Toledano

Hors normes, with 9 nominations in the César 2020 awards, closed the last edition of the Cannes Film Festival and was given a standing ovation during the San Sebastián Film Festival, where it won the Audience Award.

The preview of the film, which will be released in cinemas on 28 February, took place in the French Institute in Madrid and in the Verdi cinemas in Barcelona, where a charity preview was held, the donations of which went to the Hospital de Campaña Santa Anna.

Directed by the directors of The Intouchables, Samba and C’est la vie, it premiered in France last October and reached 2 million spectators.

It is based on real events and stars Vincent Cassel and Reda Kateb, with a stellar performance by Benjamin Lesiur, an actor with autism nominated for the César for best new actor. Sharing for two days Eric and Olivier’s passion for omelettes, padron peppers and croquettes, their jokes and enthusiasm for life, as well as their dedication to the public and the media, has been a true gift of life that will be very difficult to match.