On-line interpreting for French Director Eric Lavaine, Knock, Knoc, it´s mom!

Source of information: Filmaffinity, Sensacine, Acontracorriente Films

“Vuelta a casa de mi hija” is an entertaining comedy from the director of “Barbecue with Friends”.

Starring two-time César winner Josiane Balasko (“The Hedgehog”), three-time César nominee Mathilde Seigner (“A Summer in Ibiza”) and Jérôme Commandeur (“Welcome to the North”).

While her flat is being renovated, Jacqueline is delighted to be obliged to spend “a few days” with her eldest daughter Carole and her son-in-law, both in couple’s therapy. These “a few days” turn into “a few months” and Jacqueline quickly feels at home; she prepares dinners, hogs the TV, rearranges the kitchen… Mum is here and no one knows for how long!