Cuatrecasas and Dara

I spent all of today in Cuatrecasas. But I don’t want to talk to you about the Board meeting. This post is dedicated to Dara and all the Daras in the world who brighten our days with their smiles.

I’m taking a short break outside the meeting room while I wait patiently for my turn. The morning is particularly dense, the members of the board keep interrupting each other (probably inevitable!), and their comments made in undertones make our task particularly difficult. I must definitely have heaved a sigh, because Dara appears with a coca cola and a glass and surprises me with her smile. “Feel like a coca cola? Or maybe you’d prefer a light?” Dara doesn’t know the word “lazy”. She introduces herself as the waitress: “my job is that you have everything you wish for and that you are comfortable for all of the time you will be with us”.

She serves the coffee with the same elegance and discretion, aping the professional zeal of the lawyers she works for.

I asked for her email to send her this post and she praises my handwriting while she informs me (the smile again) that the meal looks exquisite, that it is ready and that there are two types of salad!

Indeed, the balance sheet is important. So too, the annual turnover. As well as profit before tax.

But nothing would be possible without the diligence of all the pieces in the puzzle. And Dara, undoubtedly, is one of them.

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